Wikiup is Home

Wikiup is our community, it's beautiful and it's home.  We all share a voice in shaping the future of our home.  The Banke-Jackson family is committed to being a good neighbor, working to rebuild our community after the devastating North Bay fires.  The property formely known as the Wikiup Golf Course is 31 acres of open space adjacent to the Mark West Creek.  Join the conversation to help envision the future for Wikiup.

A Message from Katie Jackson

As a member of the Banke-Jackson family I’d like to introduce my family as your neighbor and owners of the property formerly known as the Wikiup Golf Course. We fondly refer to this property as Wikiup Commons as we believe the property has the potential to be a catalyst to bring our community together as we look to the future.

My family has deep roots in Sonoma County and I’ve lived here since childhood. Today, my husband and I couldn’t imagine raising our children anywhere else. I also have the privilege of leading sustainability and community outreach efforts for Jackson Family Wines, our family’s business.  We’re focused on cultivating a future that responsibly promotes the health of our business, the land, and our community. We’re dedicated to building lasting relationships, identifying common goals and being good neighbors. I hope that together we can turn Wikiup Commons into a model that will inspire others.

We created this website to share ideas on how Wikiup Commons can become a unique opportunity to enhance our community.  We’re hopeful that Wikiup Commons will become a shared resource in the efforts to rebuild the Larkfield-Wikiup-Mark West area post-fires.  It’s still hard to find the words for losses sustained by so many and our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the fires last October. We’re committed to working with you as we look to the future and support efforts to rebuild so that we’re stronger and more resilient than before. 

Please feel free to contact me by selecting the “Let Us Hear from You” option on this website with any of your questions, concerns or neighborhood news. We will update the website often and encourage you to check back periodically for the latest project news and meeting dates.

I look forward to hearing from you on how we can strengthen and rebuild our community through the creation of Wikiup Commons. 



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Let Us Hear From You

Phone: 1-888-873-7113


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